Friday, March 9, 2007

Interesting Questions and Answers

Q1: What happened to all those who lived before Jesus did, when they died? How could there have been a heaven, before Christ?

A: If they were good people, we may be sure they are in heaven with God. Events on earth exist completely apart from the reality of heaven. Time is how we on earth measure the change in material things. Neither God nor heaven are material, physical things subject to change, and are therefore not bound by our concepts of time. No matter when a person lived, whether before or after Christ, at death she will then exist in a heaven without earth-related time, where heaven (and Christ's sacrifice) simply is: then, now, and forever. We cannot use words like "before" or "after" or "until" when speaking of heaven. Christ's sacrifice is outside of our "time," and covers every person who has ever lived.

Q2: If I saw Paris Hilton (I don't like her, but I'm working on what Christ teaches...), and she had a $10 million diamond necklace on (the result of sleeping with the guy who owns Graff Diamonds, and they were mined by workers who were treated very poorly), and if one of those diamonds were to pop out of its setting, would it be against God's Commandments if I put it in my pocket, rather than giving it back, even if I donated all the money to charity?

A: I'm afraid so. The end does not justify the means, no matter how much you load the question. We must never do anything right now that is wrong, even if we think that it will lead to enormous good. We must not even steal from the devil to feed hungry children. That is hard. But it is just complete, absolute trust in God. It is trusting that He knows better than we do. He says not to steal from anyone, so we do not steal from anyone. Period. What happens after that is God's responsibility. There are no exceptions to this. If there were, it would lead to endless rationalizations of our behavior.

Q3: How can God allow little children to be raped and murdered? I would never allow that.

A: Oh, but you do. Four thousand children all over the world die horrible, slow, painful deaths from starvation or dysentery, every day. Your money could help prevent that. Your donations could save many children from a painful death. You are asking God to do something that you yourself are not willing to do. You aspire to be His true child? Save His other children.

Q4: If it's the Sabbath day, but my Mother asks me to help make a shed, do I say yes (to honor my mother & father), or no (to respect the Sabbath day)?

A: Make the shed, without fussing. When you honor your parents, you honor God and the Sabbath. Incidentally, normal recreational activities are fine, like golf or going to a football match. But sometimes work needs to be done. For example, working for "Habitat for Humanity" building houses for poor people would be fine to do on the Sabbath. Working morning to night helping neighbors dig out from a flood or hurricane would be fine. Almost anything necessary for another person's happiness would be fine. God understands all.

Ten Purposes for Your Life

Here is Your Short List on The Ten Purposes of Life
The Purpose of Life is to .......

1. Share Your Love. Truly pursue this purpose in life with passion, and all the others will follow naturally! Love everyone, and start with those closest to you.
2. Give to Others. You can make a difference in the world! Choose to serve and give in small ways right now. One purpose of life is to serve others.
3. Increase in Light. Your spirit and body can actually hold light. Learn to flow with light, bringing it into your life and letting it flow out to others. Increase your light bearing capacity by following the truth you know. This website on Light provides you many resources.
4. Learn Wisdom. Pursue wisdom not as your final purpose, but for the love of Wisdom and also to better serve others with increased talents. Read the best books and learn all you can. Truth is eternal, and you can take it with you!
5. Accept Yourself. Love who you are. Your birth, body, parents, strengths, weaknesses and nationality all have a purpose. Accept your purpose and your talents. Feel your emotions and allow them to flow.
6. Enjoy the Mystery. Wonder at the beauty and richness of life, without trying to figure it all out. See the world in childlike simplicity and joy.
7. Create Your Reality. In this sphere, you choose with your thoughts what to create. Be bold in life, and decide what you really want. Move toward all your dreams with a powerful vision! You can learn to consciously create your life. Choose now to maximize your creative mind by signing up for the newsletter below, or by viewing this short video on Creating Your Reality.
8. Follow the Spirit. Trust your inner voice that leads you and prompts you into the higher paths. Learning to follow this Holy Spirit is one of the purposes of life. As you listen to the spirit, you will achieve greater inspiration for all your daily activities.
9. Revel in the Present. Find joy, focus, and engagement in every present activity. Your point of personal power is the present moment. You can only act in the present. As you live in the now, you conquer the illusion of time and begin to live in Holographic Time.
10. Experience Joy. The ultimate purpose of this life is joy and happiness. We maximize our joy by pursuing it indirectly. Simply pursue the first nine purposes of life and the tenth (Joy) will flow magnetically to you.
Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed the list. If you think of someone who might also like to read about these purposes of life, please forward this on to them. You can also get a downloadable, printable version of the Ten Purposes of Life.


Blond Jokes

The Breast Stroke CompetitionThere was a competition to cross the English Channel using only the breaststroke.The three women who entered the competition were a brunette, a redhead, and a blond.
After approximately 14 hours, the brunette staggered up on the shore and was declared the fastest breaststroker.About 40 minutes later, the redhead crawled upon the shore and wasdeclared the second place finisher.
Nearly four hours after that, the blond finally came ashore and promptly collapsed in front of the worried onlookers.When the reporters asked her why it took her so long to complete the race, she replied, "I don't want to sound likea sore loser, but I think those other two girls were using their arms."