Thursday, August 2, 2007


BY:-Sourabh Jhunjhunwala

we can't define love becoz we can't bound the love in few words or in few sentences.

Even millions of encyclopidia get less while defining the love.

In today's time when we talk about the love it's means the relationship between man and women but this is not true.Love is not only bounded between men and women.This is the feeling relationship between men and women,love for there children, love for thesr parents, love for there pets, love for the nature, love for songs, love for poems,there may be love for their society,and the most important love for the hummanity.

If any one ask me to define love then i will say only one thing that love something to whoom we can't touch,we can't smeel,we can't taste we can only feel it.For me LOVE IS LIVE, LOVE IS GOD & LOVE IS EVERY THING

accoring to one of my great college:
In order to say I LOVE YOU u first need to say the I, u firt need to be the I.

tell me by posting ur comments that who is write me or my college.